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Lessons for all ages and abilities

One of the most celebrated surfing schools in Southern California for over 20 years. Serving Seal Beach, Los Angeles and Orange County.

Sharing in the majesty of the ocean and participating in the California dream of surfing in the great Pacific Ocean has never been easier or more guaranteed. Whether you take one lesson, a series or join a camp, M&M Surfing School remains true, as it has for decades, to its motto that “everyone catches a wave and everyone learns how to ride it.”

Young man on wave

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate or an advanced surfer, when you come to M&M Surfing School you have reached your destination. This is where your dreams of surfing will come true and your exciting ocean adventures begin.

Ever since Hawaiian Olympic swimmer Duke Kahanamoku introduced surfing to North America in the early 1900s – and it’s even more true today – the idea of harnessing the power of an ocean wave and riding it on a magic carpet called a “surfboard” has captivated the imagination of people throughout the world. Anyone who has seen photos, watched videos or witnessed a live performance of surfing has dreamed of trying the water sport.

It is a desire to fulfill that sense of wonder and possibly pass along some of the spiritual aspects of “the sport of Hawaiian Kings,” as Kahanamoku tried in his lifetime, that has driven about mike and mikeM&M Surfing School’s founder, Michael Pless Sr. as well as his son, Michael Pless Jr. (now you know why it’s called “M&M Surfing School”), since 1995, when they began teaching and mentoring their surf school students.

People from all walks of life, from ages 5 to adults, from around the world have learned the basic fundamentals of surfing, water safety, and much more. In fact, it is the “much more,” that has earned for Michael Pless Sr. the moniker “The Saint of Seal Beach.” With even one lesson from M&M Surfing School, students come away with an enhanced appreciation for life and a wider respect for the ocean.

Whether you are a visitor to Southern California or a local from Los Angeles or Orange County, taking a class with M&M Surfing School will get you on the wave in with a positive experience and loads of fun.

Phone: 714 U-GO-SURF (714-846-7873)